17 STRONG Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Website in 2020?

Confused, Whether you should get a Website for your Small Business or not? This post will help you take a Strong Decision On Why Small Businesses Need a Website in 2020.

I have been helping Small Businesses Grow Online. And today, I’ll try my level best to get started with the key Growth Element.

Before starting, I want to summarize this whole post into a few lines.

Let’s have a man to man talk.

First of all, if you are a business owner and really looking forward to taking your business online, then you must get a website. A well-designed and user-friendly website is the backbone of your online business.

Your website is always selling, no matter what time it is, what conditions you are going through. You can simply attract customers and grow your business.

Even after reading this post, if you are still left with doubt then you can DM me on Instagram. I will be really happy to help you and your business.

Now without delay, let me take you to the index of this page. Also, make sure that you stay till the end because I have a Surprise for your Business. 

1. Website Adds Authority

A website plays a key role in building Authority and Trust in the eyes of Customers. According to a study, 84% of Consumers think that a website looks more credible than having a Social Media Page. Since your business is mainly dependent on Consumers and if you are not able to build trust with them, then you might not survive in the long term.

2. Website Runs for 24/7/365

Being a Business Owner, it’s quite hard to be available every time. A website runs for 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, and 365 Days a Year. Your website runs even without your presence. The website lets customers visit your business even when it’s close.

3. Website gets you More Sales

A website lets you add almost anything to your website. You can simply list out your offering and let customers choose what they want. The better your website, the more sales you will attract. Since Google Search is booming you already have chances to rank and grab sales.

Website Shares
Website Shares

4. Website is Easy to Share

Word of Mouth“, Free and effective old school marketing technique. Do you know what swapped this? It’s Social Shares. A website lets you add Social Media Sharing Plugins, which allows visitors to share it on their Social Media. This will help you in grabbing more sales and customer base. Sharing is the New “Word Of Mouth.”

5. You can Share your Reviews and Testimonials

Business Reviews
Credit: WeberFord

If your business is quite popular and you are already having loyal clients, a website can be helpful in sharing their take on you. You can easily list out your Reviews and Testimonials that wins the trust of your potential customers. It’s another marketing tactic to get more sales over your website.

6. Not everyone uses Social Media

Everyone is getting smart and a lot of people avoid using Social Media. Having a website will simply allow you to cover customers who avoid using Social Media. It will help you reach those customers and grab a lot more sales.

7. Your Website will Come on Search Results

Doctors in USA

Displaying your Business on Search Results builds up a reputation with your customers. With a website, you can actually show up on your brand name and other Search Queries. Your customers can easily navigate and reach out to you. This is one of the key benefits of having a running website.

8. Efficient Form Of Marketing

Small Businesses spend tons of money on marketing that too on different platforms. You can simply spend on your website, which will automatically help you in overall growth. This will help you in cutting down the cost and you will end up saving more money.

9. One Step ahead of your Competitors

There are more than 2 Billion Running Websites and by the time you’ll be reading this your competitors might be getting results from their websites. As you have read earlier that website builds authority in the eyes of customers. This can be a reason your customers might shift to your competitors.

10. It’s Cheap to Run a Website

There are myths about the cost of website building. Also, there are agencies charging thousands of dollars to build a simple website. You can simply outsource the whole work for a reasonable price by our own agency, Our pricing starts at just $399.

11. Easily Integrates Google Maps Address

Sometimes it’s hard to explain your Business Address. A website simply allows you to integrate your Office Address with Google Maps. This helps your customer to easily navigate and reach out to your business.

12. You can Keep Your Customers Engage

You can build your own ecosystem that keeps your customers engage with you. The website can be your main spot where you can grab an Audience from Social Media, Search Results, and Email Marketing. This is one of the best benefits of having a website for small businesses.

13. It lets you Collect Leads

Collect Leads
Credit: Pest USA

You can easily add a Lead Magnet and Collect the Leads of your Customers. These leads are very helpful in growing your business. You can ask for important information like Name, Email, Mobile, etc. Later, you can perform Email Marketing to get the most out of those leads.

14. Website Saves You Time

Websites for Testimonial
Websites for Testimonial

Being a Business Owner, you might have to waste a lot of time and money on uninterested customers. With a Website, you will only conduct customers who are really interested in your service. This saves your time and money both.

15. Website is your Business’s Portfolio

Websites for Portfolio
Credit: HG Capital

The website can be used for showing your portfolio. You can list your achievements, clients, work, etc. This helps in attracting more and more customers. Also, this is a trust signal that holds your clients and future prospects.

“Get A Website For Your Business”

If you want a Professional Website for your business or for yourself, feel free to Hire My Agency. We are happy to help businesses in growing their online presence. “


When do you need a Website?

If you are planning to grow your business online and want people to know more about your business’ products, service, or the story, then you must get a website. It will help with everything you want.

Do I need a Website to Sell on Instagram?

A website makes you look professional and wins the trust of the audience. If you own a store on Instagram then a Website will help you generate more sales. Also, you can run a Sales Funnel that will help you generate more and more revenue.

How can I get a Website for my Business?

Either you can build one for yourself or You can Simply Hire My own agency that will help you with everything you need. Contact us and get a complete quote about your website.

Do I need a Website for Building Landing Page?

You can build a Simple Yet Attractive One Page Website that collects Leads and Simply Sells the product or service. A website is comparatively cheaper to getting a Service for Creating a Landing Page.

These were 15 Strong Reasons for Why Small Businesses Need a website. I am sure that you’ll be satisfied with the information if you are still left with the doubt, feel free to contact me.

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  1. A sophisticated way to represent your business a website, which full all the necessary details about your business. So it’s very important to have a website for your business. Thanks for sharing this article.


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