Pinterest Marketing 2020: Free Traffic Boost Guide

This is going to be the best Pinterest Marketing Guide for you. I will be covering a lot of topics for you.

Pinterest is a wonderful platform to use for getting quality traffic. You can use it too because of the traffic potential it has.

Last month, one of my websites got more than 29000 clicks from Pinterest and you can imagine the result. It is an affiliate website and most of my traffic comes from Pinterest.

So, I decided to create a Complete Pinterest Marketing Course for you. I am sure that you will also get wonderful results.

Let us begin,

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is an online Search Engine that shows results in Pins or Images. It is really different from any other social media platform Pinterest can literally get you a lot of targetted traffic.

It also offers you high conversion traffic which boosts up your affiliate marketing business as well. You can also use Pinterest Marketing for Traffic

The search queries are showing up as Images. Like, I searched for Affiliate Marketing and the results are given below.

Affiliate marketing on pinterest
Affiliate marketing on pinterest

You can see, the quality of images.

According to, “40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text”

That’s completely true because of Human Tendency. Humans are more attracted to Visual Information. Visual Learning is more effective than plain text.

This is one of the reason, Pinterest is powerful.


It has two main components:

  1. Boards: Boards are the niche that consists of different pins.
  2. Pins: Pins are the images shown in results

Here’s a Pro Tip only for you.

You must use specific boards to upload a pin.

For example, You are into Diet niche. While uploading a pin, I would recommend you to make a targeted board.

If you are uploading a pin related to balanced diet, than you must go in deep. Which means, create a board like, Low Sugar Diet, Low Fat Diet, High Protein Diet, etc.

A targeted board has high conversions than broad board.

Pinterest Marketing for Traffic

Who uses Pinterest?

Mostly, the people who are looking for a solution use Pinterest as a search engine. It has a variety of answers to every problem. It works the same as of any other search engine but the virtual results make it different from others.

Pinterest can literally offer you a lot of targeted traffic.

This was a basic introduction to Pinterest Marketing.

Now, let’s move on to the next topic.


What kind of Content Ranks on Pinterest?

As a beginner, you have to understand that Quality is the key to success for Pinterest Marketing.

If you are not able to produce quality content, than their are no chances of getting success.

“Always Choose Quality over Quantity”

A high quality content will always rank higher as compared to low quality content. On Pinterest, it’s all about conversion, and conversions, comes from Quality not quantity.

Your Pin/ Image must include the following items:

1. Use High-Quality Images
2. Use Elements related to Content
3. Show the End Results
4. Add a Click to Action element. (CTA)
Must have things in a Pin

You can add unlimited pins.

Pinterest Pin Hacks to Get More Traffic or Pinterest Marketing for Traffic

No matter what, If you really want success in anything, you have to use some hacks.

And to solve this problem, I have found some of the most important factors that affect your Pinterest Growth.

I have seen people struggling for getting clicks and to help you, I am writing few hacks.

The hacks are given below:

1. Show End Results: It is really important to show the end results on your pin. You must show the results of clicking your pin. Always give values to your audience. This will be the reason for your success. You can add a title like, “How to Earn $1000 a month by selling ebooks?“. Show the results and make sure that you are not lying to them. Otherwise your audience would not like it.

2. Create Curiosity to Click: You must add an attractive title to your Image because it creates curiosity in the audience. An attractive title always gets more click than a simple title. You can write a title like, “How I made $2000 in just 8 hours by selling Online Course?“. These types of titles get more attention than a simple title.

3. Show yourself as an Authority: Try to create a micro-niche profile. This shows you as an authority in that niche. Pinterest also looks for the right content for the audience. You must create a profile that is based upon a single topic. For example, if you are into Health Niche than you can create a profile for High Protein Diets. Doing this will keep your pin rank higher than others.

Here are quick resources, you can use to create a pin.

  1. Canva: Canva is an online platform that offers you to create a lot of Images. They offer ready-made templates which make the game a lot easier. I always use Canva to create pins because it is really easy to use.
  2. Pixabay: Pixabay is another platform to Get Copyright Free Images. I always use Pixabay to download Copyright Free Images.

When you will learn to create quality pins than only increase the quantity. You should also look for the Insights because it helps in understanding the audience’s behavior.

The images must show the end results. For example, the image should Show Benefits to the audience. What will happen, if they click on your link?

The size of the image also matters for success. You must ensure that the image should be in the ratio of 2:3 or 1:2. This is necessary because it makes your pin more visually appealing.

How to Get Sales in Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest?

pinterest for affiliate marketing
pinterest for affiliate marketing

In my affiliate marketing career, I have seen a drastic change in sales by using Pinterest. Here are a few tips to get amazing sales results from Pinterest.

Quality traffic is an essential element for affiliate marketing because in order to make sales, intent of buyer does matter. Pinterest is a blessing at this time because of the quality traffic it offers to your site.

You can also paste the affiliate link directly to the Link Section while creating a pin.

Pinterest has helped a lot in getting sales to my own affiliate website.

I am also working on a new account for this blog. You can follow me on Pinterest for a lot of interesting Tips.

You just read How to use Pinterest Marketing for Traffic.

This is a Quick Guide for Pinterest Marketing success in Getting traffic to your blog or website. Use these tactics to grow your affiliate marketing business as well.

Thank you, Comments are always welcome.

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