How to Build a Micro Niche Blog in 2020? (Practical Guide)

Planning to Start a Micro Niche Blog in 2020?

I will help you in building a Profitable Micro niche blog and scale it with some powerful strategies. 

I am running two Micro Niche Blogs from last two years that drives almost 400 to 500 Thousand visitors each month. 

A micro niche blog wants a lot of hard work in the beginning but the results are really wonderful. These are one time efforts, once your blog is ranked on two or three keywords, you can enjoy the traffic and money both.

When I built my First Micro Niche blog, It took me 3 months to make the First Dollar. But, I don’t want you to make the mistakes, that I made earlier. I will talk about my mistakes later in the post, make sure you stay till the end.

In this post, you will learn the following lessons. 

What is a Micro-Niche Blog?​

Micro Niche Blog is Specially Created around a Strong Sub-Topic that has high demand and less competition in the market. 

These blogs are built on two components.

  1. A Strong Sub Topic that has High Search Volume and Low Competiton.
  2. Search Engine Optimized with Good Backlink Profile

Why Should You build a Micro Niche Blog?​

Their are tons of benefits in starting a micro niche blog. Two years back, when I started my first micro niche blog it costed me $100 for annual hosting and Domain Name. That blog generated me somewhere around $1976 in the First Years.

You can easily generate same amount from a low investment of $100 for one year of domain and hosting.

How to Find a Micro Niche?​

Finding a perfect niche or product to build a micro niche blog is really important. Your earnings will be directly proportionate to the niche you will use.

Here is a list of things to make sure while choosing a niche.

  1. Profitability: Prepare a complete plan for your earnings from that product. Plan the amount of traffic is required to reach at least $1000 per month.
  2. Content Creation: Ask yourself, whether you will be able to create at least 30 articles in the beginning or not. A micro-niche blog wants good content to stand above all.
  3. Monthly Traffic: Another important factor is the monthly traffic for that product or niche. You must look for long-tail keywords with low competition. 

You can Simply Used Tool Called SemRush to Find Tons of Keyword Ideas, It will give you thousands of ideas.

SemRush Keyword Research

It will give you an overview of How a Keyword will perform for you. It will give you a complete idea about Difficulty, Volume, SERP Analysis, etc. 

Find Keyword Ideas

Here you have thousands of keyword ideas that includes variations, Questions, and other related keywords. This will help you in finding your profitable micro niche

How to Find the Best Domain Name and Hosting?​

I want to tell you something about the Exact Match Domain (EMD). This is another way to target the audience with the keyword in the domain name itself.

For example, you have targeted a keyword called “Best Weight Loss Medicine”. Then, you can buy a domain name like ““. This can help you in getting more traffic and credibility but it will not work on a long term basis.

I would suggest you to focus on finding domain name based on parent niche, this will help you in scaling your blog for future. Otherwise you can go for Exact Match Domain Too.

You can use a Free tool called, Lean Domain Search to find Domain Name ideas.

Now, let’s get the best Hosting for your blog.

I am personally using Dreamhost for all my blogs. It’s the best Hosting ever with tons of cool features mentioned below. 

  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Email Account @ Domain Name
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Beginner Friendly
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Expert Support
DreamHost Hosting for Blogging

Get Dreamhost (40% OFF)

Setup Your Micro Niche Blog Like a Pro

After Installing WordPress to your blog, there are a lot of other things to do on your blog. The next thing is to Install a lightweight and SEO optimized Theme. I always recommend using GeneratePress or Thrive Themes. This blog is hosted on Generatepress.


  1. GeneratePress: GeneratePress is the best lightweight theme that is SEO Optimized and this also has Schema which increases the chance of ranking higher. You can use the Free or Premium Version. By going through the link above.
  2. Thrive Themes: This is another great theme for Affiliate Marketing and Micro Niche Blog. I have used Thrive Theme in one of my Micro Niche Blog. You can give it a try too.


After Installing the theme, the next important thing is to install the important plugins. Plugins play a very crucial role in making your website work smoother.

I am giving the list of most important Plugins below:

  1. Elementor: The Elementor is the best Page Builder for your website. I highly recommend using Elementor to build my websites and landing pages. This plugin will make your work a lot easier. You can get the Free Version of this plugin by clicking the heading.
  2. Thrive Architect: The Thrive Architect is another great Page Builder that you can use. I mostly use this to build quality Landing Pages for my Affiliate Products. It helps a lot in promoting your affiliate products.
  3. Yoast SEO: This is the best SEO Plugins for your blog and website. It does all the SEO optimization for you and you can write wonderful content using Yoast. This has both FREE and Premium Version but according to me, for a micro niche blog, the Free version is more than enough.
  4. W3Total Cache: This Cache plugin is another useful element in making your blog load faster and smoother. It will improve your ranking and website speed.
  5. Pretty Link: This is another wonderful plugin used to hide the ugly affiliate link into a pretty link related to the blog. For Example, the affiliate link looks like “”, this is an ugly link and affects the SEO of your Blog. This plugin solves this problem and makes your link look like this, “”.
  6. Smush: This is also a good plugin to improve your blog’s loading speed. It helps in optimizing your images and reduces the size of an image. This helps the blog load faster.

These were some of the important plugins to use while setting up a Micro-Niche Blog.

How to Scale a Micro-Niche Blog?​

Scaling starts by creating quality content for your blog. 

Content plays the most crucial role in making you money. You must ensure that the content is focused on selling. This is really necessary to start a Micro Niche Blog.

Right content planning will be the reason for your blog’s success.

I have my own theory for writing great content on the micro-niche blog. Since we all know that a micro-niche blog is easy to rank but it is really important to make it rank on buyer intent keyword.

This article structure will work perfectly for those who have a micro-niche blog based on a service. Just make sure that you write at least 30 in-depth quality article to show that you are an authority website.

You can plan your content as I did:

  • 5 in-depth article from 2500 to 5000 words
  • 10 to 15 articles of 1500 to 2500 words
  • 20 articles of 500to  1000 words

I personally follow this strategy to rank my Micro-Niche Blog. You can also give a try to these.

If you have targeted the right Buyer intent low competition keyword, that your website will definitely rank at the top.

Below, I will be discussing the ways to rank at the first position on Google.

The main advantage of a micro-niche blog is that it ranks on top with only good on-page SEO Score. That means you have to keep your focus on the on-page SEO only.

Pro Tip: Always target long-tail keywords and Keywords related to Questions. This is another great feature of SemRush. Sign up for a FREE Trial.

SemRush will also help you in writing SEO friendly content for your website. This is a complete value for money product.


Tips to Grow your Blog Fast

1. Always Target Medium and Long-Tail Keywords with Less Competition

This plays a really important role if you want to rank at the top. Always Make sure that you use the keywords in the right place because it will be the reason for your ranking.

2. Build a Strong Backlink Profile

If you want to rank in 2020, Backlinks along with Good Content is the Key. You must spend you time in building quality links back to your site. Below are some of the best ways to build backlinks for micro nice blogs. 

  • Start Guest Posting to Other Authority Sites in your niche.
  • Build Professional relationships with Influencers in your niche. 
  • Use Skyscraper Technique to acquire Competitor’s Links. 

3. Focus on On-page SEO

I highly recommend you use the Yoast SEO plugin because it optimizes your blog within few clicks. I also give you help in writing SEO Friendly Article.

4. Use Social Media

Social Media will help you with gaining Traffic and backlinks to your website. Creating accounts at these platforms is necessary because it will increase your website’s credibility.

Best Ways To Monetize your Blog?

Micro Niche Sites are focused to drive Organic Traffic. The best way to Monetize Traffic Volume is by Displaying Ads. 

You can use a good ad network to display ads an generate revenue. Some of the best Display Ad Networks are given below.   

If your niche is quite low on Traffic but has the potential to sell any product. You can go for Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, you make money whenever someone purchases anything from your Affiliate Link. 

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