6 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2020 (With Corrections)

Today, you’ll know about 6 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes that you must avoid in order to generate more sales.

You will also be learning How to Correct these mistakes step-by-step.

Let’s Start.

1. Not Focusing on Branding

Trust is one of the Key to Success in Affiliate Marketing. But, How can you Build Trust with your audience?

This is where Branding Comes In the Race.

Ever thought Why Big Brands hire influencers who charge Millions to advertise? A Simple Answer to this is that the audience Trusts them. The potential buyers consider those Film Stars, Sports Man, or Influencers as their Idle. 


The same thing works with Affiliate Marketing too. If your audience trusts you, then they will be happy to consider your decision.Branding is where you will have the edge over your competitors. 

In Simple Words, You must spend your Time, Money, and Efforts in Building a TrustWorthy Relationship with your audience. 

Now, Let’s Talk about How can You Grow Your Brand?

First of all, understand that Building a Brand is not an Overnight Success; you will have to work consistently hard. Here are some of the Ways to Build a Strong Brand for your Affiliate Marketing Business. 

  • Show your Face
  • Work on Building your Social Media Account
  • Interact as much as you can
  • Delivering Constant Values

Let’s Talk in Detail about these.

1. Show Your Face

This is one of the most stupid Affiliate Marketing mistakes made by affiliate marketers. They never show off their Face or Identity.

When we show our face to the audience, they know who is recommending them that product. 

For a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business, you must start by revealing your face. I’ll be talking about this in the 4th step.

2. Build your Social Media Account

Social Media Channels are your brand’s empire. It holds up the audience to every niche, and it’s your primary duty to grab the potential audience by working on your Accounts. 

To build a Successful Social Media Account, you must start by delivering Free Values and Interaction. See the next steps to know more. 

3. Interact As Much As You Can

Interaction builds up Trustworthy relationships with the audience. It not only builds a relationship but also grabs your loyal followers who would love to consider your advice. 

Interaction can help you Build a Brand out of nothing. End of the day, a fruitful interaction will help you in growing your account in terms of numbers.

4. Delivering Constant Values

You know, the audience is thirty of Values, especially when it’s Free. 

Below, you will find some great ways to feed your audience with tons of values. 

  • Launch your Free Course (Help them reach from ‘A’ point to ‘B’)
  • Start your Podcast (Talk about your expertise)
  • Give them Free ebooks (Share Free Go-To-Guides)
  • Giveaway Products (Giveaway the product for free and ask for an Honest Review)

You can use these Free Ways to Deliver some Values. Values will ultimately help you out in building a Quality Relationship with your audience. 

Let’s take an example of Chris from Backpacker Banter.

He promotes Insurance plans for Backpackers and Travellers. Chris uses his own experience with some threatening photos to let people know about the importance of Travel Insurance. This creates awareness amongst his users and that awareness makes him money. 

2. Having a Poor Website Design

As an Affiliate Marketer, your audience is everything. No one likes to visit a Dull Website with Poor Infrastructure. If your Website design sucks, it’s always better to spend money on building a great user experience. This investment will ultimately help you out in multiplying your Conversion Rate. 


The better user feels on your Website, the more likely it is to Convert. So, How can You design a Perfect website that makes the user feel wanted? 

I’ll be dividing this into 4 Easy Sections, which will help you in understanding better. 

1. Website Navigation

User experience is the first area to focus on is your Website’s navigation. Your website design should be clean and organized. You can do this by simply creating different categories and then allotting content to those categories. 

Let’s say you own a Travel Blog. 

Here you can divide your content based on Location, Experience, Costs, etc. Clarity makes it easier for people to navigate and satisfy what they need. 

In simple words, your Website should have the following things.

  • Easy Navigation Menu
  • Different Categories
  • Search Button
  • Optimized Sidebar

2. Font Styles & Size

The font and Typography section is where a lot of Affiliate Marketers don’t pay attention. According to a Study by ClickLaboratory, They experimented on Conversion Rate Optimization. Here, they made some changes in the Fonts and Typography. And the results were something like this, Bounce Rate was reduced by 10%, and Exit Rate was Reduced by 19%. Also, the pages per visit were increased by 24%.

These results mean a lot to marketers like you. So, What could be the best Font for your Website?

As per my own experience, These are the Fonts and Sizes that work the Best of all. 

  • Sans-Serif, Size 15px
  • Arial, Size 16px

These fonts and sizes work great for Blog Posts. 

3. Website Performance

You know, the better your Website will perform, the more people will spend their time. 

Now, In this section, you will explore the ways to Improve your Website’s Performance. 

These are more backend settings that can boost your Website. 

Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Good Website Hosting: If your Website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you are automatically losing almost half of your traffic. An excellent hosting company can make your Website load faster. I love using WpX Hosting for hosting my niche sites. You can choose any Hosting as per your Traffic or Budget. 
  • Use CDN: CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. This makes your site load faster for users of any location. There are tons of CDN services that are almost Free to use. You can get started with them and later upgrade your plan. 
  • Compress Images: High-Quality Images takes a lot of time to load. So, it’s always better to compress their size so that they load quickly and ultimately makes your page load faster. The WordPress users can install a Free plugin called WP Smush to compress your images automatically. 
  • Use Cache Plugin: This one for WordPress Users. You can Install a Free of Pro Cache plugin (W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket). If you want to compress your unnecessary HTML, CSS, & Javascript files (that takes the hell out of time to load), this plugin is for you. It helps in compressing unnecessary files and makes your Website load at a lightning-fast speed. 

4. Add Clear CTAs

CTA stands for Call to Action. These are the buttons or Anchor Links that persuade users to take action.

CTAs play a significant role in Affiliate Marketing. Since our income depends on Sales, the more clicks you get, the more sales you will generate, and you will make more money. 

To understand better, let’s take an example from Health Ambition. The blog actually talks about products related to Health and Fitness. 

Health Ambition

They have designed a clear and easy to navigate menu bar. Also, they have created different categories for different users; this makes it easier for users to travel inside the blog. 

3. Using Wrong Promotional Methods 

Affiliate Marketing is nothing without using appropriate Promotional Methods. A lot of marketers fail to understand and optimize their promotional technique that results in the Failure. No matter How good your Offer or Text is, If you fail to drive traffic, then it’s all waste. 

In this section, we’ll be talking about how you prepare a Perfect Strategy to drive High-Quality Targeted Traffic to your Offers. 

Sounds Right?

I’ll divide this section into two main categories. In the first category, we’ll talk about analyzing our Audience and Preparing appropriate Strategy. And In the second category, you will learn to Perfectly Implement those strategies. 

Let’s Start. 

1. Analyzing the Audience

The First Step to prepare a promotional strategy is to analyze How your potential audience looks. This step will make your future a lot easier. 

So, How can you Analyze your Audience?

For this, you can use this easy 3-Step-Strategy. This will automatically clear your vision. 

  • Who Is Your Audience? 

The First Step is to find your potential audience. You can start this by understanding the product to promote. Let’s say you are promoting a Website Hosting. Here, you will analyze your potential buyers. If I were promoting a Website Hosting, I would target Aspiring Bloggers, Small Business Owners, Agency Owners, Digital Marketers, Developers, etc.

But Why?

These people are easy to find and tend to give great conversions. 

Now, let’s move on to our Next Step.

  • Where Do They Spend time?

Once you know your potential audience, it’s time to analyze the Channels or Platforms they spend the most time.Let’s retake the above example. 

Our potential audience mainly spends their Time on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Forums. 


  • What Do they Like the Most?

After the above two Analyses, it’s time to prepare some Content Strategy. Different people have different tastes for content. 


Now, you will analyze the platforms and content. Once you get done with this, it’s time for you to prepare far better content than them. Quality is where you will have the edge over your competitors. 

By this time, you are well aware of your audience. Now, you will learn to properly integrate your content with the Analysis.

2. Active and Passive Promotion

There are mainly two types of promotion. One is called Active, where you put all your efforts, and the other is called Passive, where you create strong content once and get returns. 

Being an Affiliate Marketer, you should focus on creating content for both promotional techniques. 

Let’s Take an in-depth look now, 

Active Promotion

Since you will be actively promoting this product, this promotion will give you the best returns. 

Since you know the audience and their preferred content type, this section becomes a lot easier. 

Here are a few exclusive active promotional Plans.

  • Leverage Your Social Media Accounts and Audience.
  • Run Paid campaigns on different platforms.
  • Run Retargeting Ads for your Website Visitors. 
  • Solve Queries on Forums
  • Host Free Webinars to deliver Values and Show them the benefits of using your product. 
  • Start your Podcast that talks about Case Studies, Benefits, etc. about the product. 

These are some of the Active Promotional Strategies that will help you generate high-quality traffic to your Offer. 

Now, We’ll talk about How You can Passively Promote your Offer.

Passive Promotion

Here you create a Content Asset for your Offer. These content types are created once and help you drive constant traffic.So, what does the passive promotional content plan look like?

Below are some of the best passive promotional plans. 

  • Create a Course that helps the user in going from ‘A’ point to ‘B.’
  • Write a High-Quality Blog Post that solves user query by-product as a solution.
  • Create a Tools page on Your Website
  • Create Pages for Deals and Discounts exclusively for your Website Visitors. 

These promotional strategies will help you in generating some more sales apart from your active participation.

With this, let’s move on to our next mistake.

4. Not Optimizing Your Content

Avoiding Content Optimization is another biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistakes. Content is one of the greatest assets you own in your Affiliate Marketing Journey.

Therefore, you must spend your Time, Money, and Efforts in creating the best content possible. The better content will automatically help you in winning over your competitors. 

First of all, let’s have a look at content that will work great for your business. 

1. Types of Content

A Successful Affiliate Marketer must create the content of all types. This helps you in grabbing all the potential audience.

So, What are the types of content that help you in promoting products on a Scale?

  • Best-Of Videos/ Posts (Roundup): These posts are specially designed to cover many products. Let’s say, 10 Best Chairs for Office Workers. According to my experience, Roundup Content has the highest conversions of all. 
  • Single Review: This Content talks explicitly about only one product. Let’s Say You reviewed a Hosting Company called Bluehost. You hear about Pros, Cons, Experience, etc.
  • Comparisons: These are Vs. Content. Here you compare two rival products. Let’s say Ahrefs Vs. SemRush. This content also gets a great conversion rate. 
  • Discount Coupons/ Deals: Everyone loves Discount, and this tendency makes these content get excellent conversions. Once you start promoting a product, you can ask the company for a special Discount for your audience.
  • Go-To-Guides: These posts attract the most traffic. Here you explain the complete topic and aware users of the products. Let’s say you are promoting an email marketing service. Here, you can create a comprehensive guide to email marketing that will talk about your work. 

These are some of the best content types to promote your affiliate products. 

Since you are aware of the types of Content, Now, we’ll talk about How to Create a Masterpiece that converts for you. 

2. Things to Remember

Below you will learn How to Create content that serves your purpose Perfectly.

Let’s have a look at the things to remember while creating content. 

  1. Focus on Quality: People create tons of thin content that are of no use. You must focus on Quality rather than quantity. The more values your post will have, the more money you will make out of it. 
  2. Use Buyer-Intent Keywords: This one is mainly for those who use SEO to drive traffic. While creating a Blog Post, your primary target should be Buyer Intent or Commercial Keywords. These keywords mainly consist of the word “best.” For Example, Best Office Chairs, Best denim jeans for men, etc. 
  3. Using the Correct Selling Tone: People don’t buy the product; they buy benefits. Your main target should be talking about what’s in it for the audience. You must measure the pros and cons of the product and craft in such a way that it helps people in making better decisions. 
  4. Honesty: People are trusting your recommendation; make sure that you don’t ditch them. Always be honest with your content. It would be best if you talked about the pros and cons of both. 

5. Not Analyzing your Competitors

No matter what, If you want to win the race, you have to be at least one step ahead of your competitors. You must avoid this Affiliate Marketing Mistakes. Before promoting any product, it’s always better to analyze what your competitors are doing. 

Keep an eye on the Affiliate Marketing mistakes others are making and make sure that you don’t repeat them. So, How can you find your potential Competitors?

Below, You can find a Complete Guide to Find and Analyze your Rivals. 

Let’s take a Look!

We’ll be dividing this section into 5 Categories. 

1. Top 20 SERP Analysis

When you are Running an Affiliate Blog, this is one of the essential steps. 

Once you select your Buyer Intent Keyword, search it on Google, and analyze what type of content is ranking. This will help you prepare a perfect Content Framework for your Affiliate Post.

Affiliate Marketing SERP
Affiliate Marketing SERP

Also, make sure that you avoid ranking e-commerce sites. 

Start by Analyzing the Following SERP Elements of Top 20 Positions.

  • Featured Snippet
  • Content Headings/ Title
  • Analyze Questions from ‘People Also Ask’

2. Content Inspection

Earlier content used to be considered as King, but now it has become ‘Kingdom.’ 

The better content you have, the better you will rank, the better sales you will drive from the competitors. The Content Inspection goes with the above step only. Here you will analyze the Content of Top 20 Rankers.

You will use your competitor to prepare your content framework. 

So, How can you Inspect the Content of your Competitors?

Well, Here is a Step-by-Step Guide. 

  • Start by Analyzing the Writing Tone. Try to Understand the Content and analyze How is it Satisfying User’s Search Intent. 
  • Now, Analyze the Topics Covered by them. Let’s say Pros, Cons, Features, etc. 

By the time you read the Top 20 Posts, you will be well aware of what Type of Content is Ranking. With this information, prepare a perfect outline for your blog post. 

Now, Let’s Move to the next step. 

3. Branding Inspection

By the time, you are well aware of the importance of Branding in Affiliate Marketing (if not, read the 1st mistake). Here, you will learn How to Inspect your Competitors’ Branding.

This section will help you in powering your branding, so make sure you read this section.

Let’s Start.

  • Start by reading their about page. 
  • Look for the Top Post of their Blog and read it’s the comment section. 
  • Visit their Social Media Account, and look How they are representing their brand. 
  • Analyze their content writing tone. 

These elements will give you an idea of How can you Brand Yourself amongst the competitors. 

4. Promotional Inspection

In this section, you will analyze your competitor’s promotional strategies. You will understand How your competitors are promoting their content. It’s one of the most straightforward tasks. For this, all that you need is Tools like Ahrefs or SemRush. 

These tools will help you analyze the traffic sources and later you can create your own presence on those platforms. 

5. SEO Analysis

SEO tends to give the most accurate traffic for affiliate marketing. Many Affiliate Marketers miss out on using SEO, another Affiliate Marketing Mistakes. No matter if you are using Social Media or Paid Ads to drive traffic, you must give equal importance to SEO. With this, it’s time to analyze your Competitor’s SEO Profile. 

But, How can you Do It Perfectly? 

Just go through these simple steps below, and you are good to go. 

  • Link Profile: Backlinks play a very vital role in ranking on Google. You can check out these Ranking Factors to understand even more. To analyze your competitor’s profile, you can use a tool called Ahrefs. It will give you a complete list of Websites linking to your competitors. Later, you can contact those websites and ask for links with your Quality Content. 
  • Keywords: There are thousands of keywords for a Single topic, but How can you find the most potential? Again, We will use Ahrefs to analyze the keywords our competitors are ranking. You can sort the keywords according to Difficulty or the search volume. 

This was all about SEO Analysis of your Competitor. 

Now, let’s move on to our next mistake. 

You can Use a Tool Called SemRush to Analyze your Competitor’s SEO, Traffic sources, etc.


6. Avoiding Building your Email List

No building an email list is one of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes because Your List is the traffic you Own.

According to Research, Email Marketing tends to give the highest returns of all marketing channels. You can expect at least 40X Returns on every $1 Spent on the building List. 

An Email List For Affiliate Marketers is a powerful asset in itself. If you are avoiding building an email list, then make sure you start now. 

Here are some examples of Powerful Lead Magnets that convert well. 

  • Add Popups
  • Offer Freebies (ebooks, courses, videos, etc.)
  • Host Free Webinars
  • Run Giveaways
  • Add Newsletter Form in Sidebar and Footer Menu

These lead Magnets convert well. Once you have a few members on the list, make sure you pay importance to the following things.

  • Don’t Sell Directly, start by nourishing them with values.
  • Always ask them about their interest in offers
  • Avoid Using Spam Words in your Content
  • Remove inactive members constantly

These were some of the practical tips to build and nourish your email list. 

Let’s take the example of Chris from Backpacker Banter. He has been offering a Free Travel Guide to Beginners in exchange of their Name and Email Address. The list you will build from these freebies are actually very targeted, you can easily use your list to promote future Offers.  

Backpacker Banter

Now, it’s time to know what’s right for affiliate marketers like you.

  • Always Focus on Building a Brand, Don’t sell directly.
  • Have a Clean and Clear Website Design with Easy Navigation.
  • Analyze your Target Audience and Promote Accordingly.
  • Optimize your content better than your Competitors.
  • Keep an Eye on What Competitors are Doing to Make Sales.
  • Start building your Email List from Today.

With these Affiliate Marketing Mistakes, we have come to the end of this article. 


These were 6 Uncommon Affiliate Marketing Mistakes that you must avoid as an Affiliate Marketer. Correcting these mistakes will surely help you in generating even more income.

If you are still left with a doubt, comment down below.

Thank you.

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